In Memory

K9 Kenny

K9 Kenny was born on 6-23-05 in Germany.  He was hand selected in Germany to become a police dog. He was brought to the U.S. when he was one and a half years old and was assigned to work with Officer Christina Marshall. K9 Kenny was trained to detect humans and illegal narcotics. He was the pioneer for the Milwaukee Police Department in firearm detection.  K9 Kenny worked every shift, he even worked with stitches in his paw!  K9  Kenny worked eight years on the night shift with Officer Marshall until recently they were assigned to the day shift. When not working, K9 Kenny enjoyed jogging with Officer Marshall , swimming in any lake and playing with his Rottweiler sister, Duchess.  On 11-13-15. Kenny was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.  On 11-16-15, Kenny was laid to rest.  K9 Kenny is gone,  but his legacy will continue with the hundreds of firearms that have been located by the K9 teams of the Milwaukee Police Department.  Thank you for your service K9 Kenny.